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The association is at a very exciting stage of its development. With 1 hybrid wet/dry and 1 sand base synthetic surface and strong club representation at all levels the association can provide you with the opportunity to develop your hockey to the maximum potential. As well as enjoy a great social time and make new friends. We have an opportunity for you to get involved in playing, coaching or just helping with the organisation and control of the premier hockey club in New South Wales.


To continue fostering young talent through junior development programs.

To continue the growth and development of the association, with the support of our sponsors and the community, maintaining our position as a successful leader in the growth of hockey in Australia.

To provide value and opportunity for involvement to sponsors.

To provide an opportunity for Australians of all ages, skill level and interest to have a rewarding involvement in a fabulous team game and social activity.


Participation and Inclusion.

Club spirit and culture.

Success and Excellence.

Junior Development.



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